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 2019 Conference Tentative Schedule At a Glance

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"The Treasure Chest- How packing a cooler for work can change your body and mind"

Ellen Dunn ~ South Carolina State Library

Simple preparation and planning makes a difference in how you look, feel, and perform. Packing a cooler of nutritious foods and drinks is a setup for a successful day; giving you control of the types of foods you eat while at work. No longer are you at the mercy of what is readily available. This builds a healthier body, increases energy and inspires creativity. Learn how to shop, strategize, and prepare meals using resources available at your library.

Conference Keynote

"Principles of Design: Print, Web, and Social Media"

Katie Simmons ~ South Carolina State Library

Join us for a session on design training! We'll discuss the basic principles of great design, which can be applied to both print and web, and some of the best free tools to get the job done. Attendees will learn basic typography, how to choose font and color combinations, element placement, audience, and the importance of getting the right file type. We will also discuss what this means when designing for social media.

"Low Morale in American Libraries"

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick ~ University of South Carolina Lancaster

Kendrick's benchmark study summarizes low morale as "the result of repeated and protracted exposure to emotional, verbal/written, and systemic abuse or neglect in the workplace" and sheds light on the causes, systems of impact, and short- and long-term effects of low morale on academic librarians and their careers. Her ongoing research on public librarians reveals added pockets of concern and highlights an ongoing need for focused attention on library employees’ well-being, access to professional development, levels of career preparedness, and LIS education gaps. This session will summarize Kendrick's original study and share emerging data centering public librarians. Attendees will be able to identify the trajectory of low-morale, discuss intersections of library values, and consider effective self-advocacy and well-being pathways for reducing low morale in their workplaces.

"Building Digital Citizenship through Information Literacy Instruction and Outreach Programs"

Susan Moore & Jillian Collier ~ Spartanburg Community College

A presentation from a librarian and an instructional designer on how they collaborated with each other and leveraged campus resources, including QEP and Marketing, to develop information literacy programs for college students using the topic of ‘fake news.’ This session will present an overview of the ‘fake news’/misinformation issue in the context of digital citizenship, focusing on how librarians can use our expertise in information creation and information literacy to positively impact students’ understanding of this complex issue. Attendees will also hear about how this issue was addressed through two successful programs that provided learning opportunities for students and outreach opportunities for the library.

"Unlimited Knowledge! Libraries Collaborating to Improve Collections"

Ellen Jenkinson & Amy Trepal ~ PASCAL; Derek Wilmott ~ Clemson University; Rebecca Gettys ~ University of South Carolina

Academic libraries are increasingly facing budget pressures and space constraints that can threaten to undercut the quality of the collections they provide to students and faculty. To address these challenges, PASCAL libraries are exploring various innovative options including collaborative collection management and shared print storage initiatives. PASCAL’s new Shared Library Services Platform is a tool that can enable libraries to work together more efficiently to support these important projects. Join us for a discussion of collaborative collection practices and tools that support libraries to working together to improve the statewide collection.

"Oodles o' Moodle: Training Programs for Your Library Team"

Tristan Daniels and Dean James ~ Kimbel Library & Bryan Information Commons 

Join Kimbel Library for a complete rundown on developing a training program for your library team. We will guide you from start to finish in creating a program customized for your library, covering best practices for identifying objectives, implementing code, assessing results, mastering Moodle, and more. With our tutorial, you'll be able to replicate our program or design your own. Join us to see just how easy it can be.

"Thanks for the Memories! – Making Training Fun and Memorable"

Linda Heimburger ~ South Carolina State Library

Electronic resources training can become humdrum and routine. Come and experience ways to give your training more impact by using tools along with your Discus databases. Take these tips back into your training of staff, students, or library patrons! Bring a mobile device if desired.

"Lightning LibGuides: Crafting Quick, Clean Guides"

Tristan Daniels and Jaci Crossman ~ Kimbel Library & Bryan Information Commons

Join Kimbel Library for an in-depth tutorial on creating custom guides for your library personnel and patrons. We will go from blank canvas to digital masterpiece as we highlight critical design decisions and unveil our custom, easily copied code. With our help, you'll be able to remake our LibGuide or develop a guide in your preferred platform. From eager padawan to coding master, all are welcome!

"LGBTQ in Library Instruction: Creating an Inclusive Environment"

John Siegal ~ University of South Carolina Upstate

Approximately 4.5% of people in the United States identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) according to a 2017 Gallop Poll. This represents a steady increase since 2012. As more LGBTQ students attend college, libraries and librarians must be culturally competent to help these students succeed. This session will explore ways to not only be welcoming, but also weave diversity and critical thought into library instruction/information literacy sessions to positively impact all students. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their own experiences and contribute their own ideas, as well as ask questions in a non-judgmental space. The goal is for you to leave with a toolkit of techniques to use in planning and delivering instruction.

Conference Sessions

Dr. Catherine Murray-Rust, Dean of the Libraries
Vice Provost for Learning Excellence, Georgia Tech

Murray-Rust has been dean of Libraries since 2008. Prior to her appointment, she served as dean of libraries at Colorado State University and as associate university librarian for Public Services and Innovative Technology at Oregon State from 1999 to 2003. Murray-Rust's diverse educational background includes a charter in Librarianship from the Library Association of Great Britain (1976), a graduate diploma in Library and Information Studies from the University of London (1974), and a bachelor's degree in political science and history from Mount Holyoke College. She also completed graduate studies in international nutrition from Cornell University (1979), conducted graduate coursework and independent study in African politics and international relations at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (1971-72), and participated in an internship with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (1969).

"Save For Your Future"

Paul Manville ~ Empower Retirement

Saving money is not easy, but it is essential to achieving financial well-being and securing your future. Knowing how you will pay for your retirement can be hard if you worry you haven't saved enough to retire or that you don't know when to start taking retirement benefits. This session will empower you with an overview of 401k and 457b retirement plans.

"Mindfulness for Librarians"

Richard Moniz ~ Horry-Georgetown Technical College; Howard Slutzky ~ Johnson & Wales University

This session will be led by a library administrator and a psychologist who have published and presented in a variety of venues on how to apply mindfulness to library work. The session will be informative sharing results of a mindfulness study they conducted which involved collecting data from 629 library staff. It will also be participatory as attendees will experience a short breathing and a short visualization meditation. Goals for the session include: gain greater awareness of mindful practices and experience them, learn what some librarians know and do related to mindfulness based on survey results, understand the stressors affecting librarians, learn how mindfulness is being applied in education and libraries, and learn how mindful strategies can be applied to library-related duties and everyday life.